AI – What is it?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence that is demonstrated by a machine and can be developed to mimic human behaviour or thought processes.

Artificial intelligence’s use and acceptance are expanding rapidly. Artificial intelligence is the capacity for a software or system to reason and pick up knowledge via experience. Over the last few years, AI applications have undergone a considerable evolution and are now used in practically every industry.

People take advantage of AI’s strengths since there is more work that has to be done every day. Consequently, it makes sense to automate routine tasks. This increases output while saving the organization’s staff.

When thinking of ecommerce websites Ai is now often used to gather information about your users. Recommendation engines are made possible by artificial intelligence technology, allowing you to interact with your consumers more effectively. Their browsing history, preferences, and interests are taken into consideration while making these recommendations. It helps you build stronger bonds with your clients and increases brand loyalty.

Another Application for AI is Spam Filters in your email client. The email that we use in our day-to-day lives has AI that filters out spam emails sending them to spam or trash folders, letting us see the filtered content only. 

In fields where AI is being used more and more, humans may seem to be quickly surpassed. However, a range of difficult tasks can still be performed better by people than by AI. Creative endeavours are currently outside the scope of AI machines’ capabilities, lucky for me.

Interesting stuff don’t you think?

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