AU Domain Registration

You have probably heard a lot of fuss in the media over the new AU Domain Registration.

Here is what to know…

..In September your opportunity to pre order you .AU runs out this means you could loose your domain name to a competitor …

Please make sure you are ready for this new release to avoid losing your market edge.

Register your .au today.

If you hold a domain name in any other .au namespace (eg.,, etc.), created prior to 24 March 2022, you are able to apply for Priority Status to register its exact match in .au direct during the six-month period from launch.

If you have registered your domain with me and your registration details are up to date,  its easy I can just complete the process for you. 

If you need to update your registration details in order to secure your .au there will be a small fee for this process.

If you have bought your domain elsewhere and want trondez to help secure your name,  I will need access to your domain registration account and I may need your ABN to complete this process.


The only downside of not owning your .AU domain name is that your competitors may buy it and use it to move traffic away from your REAL Website.

To learn more about these new.AU domains click here

Please get in touch if you are ready to secure you name

IST YEAR ONLY $9.05 – reduced from $19.95 + GST

Call trondez to explore what we can SECURE for you.

If you would like to discuss your project then please contact us.