SEO Hashtags

SEO Hashtags

Social Media Marketing… SEO Hashtags So many times I have been asked how to generate more traffic to websites and SEO is my immediate answer. Doing this hand in hand with social media really does help. Here I have listed some tips about SEO Hashtags, social media posts and when to use #Hashtags. Google Business Manager GBM is NOT a …

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Think like a child

Think Like a Child

Creativity was so much fun when I was young… I only had to please myself, but it also taught me to trust my instincts. It’s no surprise that research shows we’re most creative when we’re children – I wonder if this is down to time, (no bills to pay) a great use of the imagination, to be as silly as …

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Design Trends

@trondez_design we like to keep ahead of the game where possible. I am constantly researching the latest in design styles and trends. Knowing where the digital world and design is heading gives us the best ability to produce websites and designs that not only have maximum UI but UX, which is a massive pull for business.trondez graphic design is just one …

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pixeltastic crisp image

Adobe image resolution

Some great news to come from Adobe about image resolution.. So many times I have been given images that are in such low resolution that printing has ment a complete redigitization on the image at best. This is fine with line artwork to complete it as a vector, but for a photo this has always been an issue. Well Adobe has brought …

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SEO – Organic tips

Its been a while since I posted, this is due to the Christmas rush of work. In the meantime I thought Id put together some little hints on how to achieve good SEO on your website. User Friendliness – often called UX High Quality Content – dont be complacent ON – PAGE SEO – this is within your content and on …

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Communication is key

Communication – what platform do you use??

Interesting thought of the day.  How does your business answer messages? There are so many platforms…Instagram Facebook Snapchat email phone calls! Do you find it hard to keep up with them all? When do you get time off as a small business. When do you not answer? It’s a thought that crosses my mind often, when do you say give me five? It’s not bad …

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Need an App Developer?

So you want to get a Mobile App developed. This guide is aimed at beginners to mobile app design it will just get you started on what to expect. If you have an idea and you wish to take it further then talk to us about your Mobile App aspirations. If its a new idea you want to protect we …

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What is a CDN?

Whats the CDN? So firstly CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. In lamens terms a CDN delivers the content of your website more quickly and efficiently to your visitors based on their location. A CDN is made up of a network of servers, we often refer to these sorts of hosting as Cloud based. They are all over the world …

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Contracts are GOLD!

I have noticed that quite a few businesses that come to me have had a bad experience before I came into their lives… mostly due to mis communication, goals not achieved or just bad design… This is for both sides of the fence, whether you are a business looking to hire a creative or a creative pitching…. GET A FLIPPING CONTRACT!!!!!!! Yes its …

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Are you secure?

Its been a while since I have posted a tip…. were you guys waiting? I just thought I would mention about getting your website changed over from a HTTP to HTTPS. Most clients have completed this task by now and have made sure that there hosting package has either a stand alone SSL Certificate or a shared one. This gives you the …

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