Bespoke v Off the shelf Part1 WordPress Shopify Laravel What to choose?


What does Bespoke mean?

Bespoke is a term I use for a website that has functionality and themes that are made only for the customer/client from scratch. It means to code a site from the ground up, putting together elements in one source (ie not multiple plugins by different providers) Great for complex sites with multiple functions

What is Off The Shelf?

OTS means software packages that have been pre made like Joomla or the forever popular WordPress including woocomerce. These are also flexible and can contain custom code (in some cases) plugins pre made by developers and themed templates that are editable. Good for smaller sites and budgets.

What is subscription?

These are websites that come in 2 levels, Shopify, BigCommerce are great for people that want to do more of their own design, but costs can explode, custom coding is difficult and plugins can be costly.
level 1 are the likes of Squarespace Wix Weebly I dont deal with these sorts of sites, but they again are subscription and unflexible, for people with low to no budget that want to DIY, drag and drop elements.

Ill go into depth about Bespoke v wordpress next week so you know what to ask for expect.

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