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Brands for all situations – Brand and Logo Design by trondez

Branding and Logo Design can be creative in so many ways.

Just because you have a brand and logo doesn’t mean you cant play with it… These famous companies show how they have one brand with many variations… Variations can come in many forms.. 

One example is this branding for Kaizen Homes, there are several versions in different colours but these 2 show that a variation can still link with the styling and colours united.

logo variations

There are several branding variations for logos that a company can use depending on the context and application. Here are a few examples:

  1. Full-color logo: This is the standard version of a logo, with all the colors and elements that make up the brand’s visual identity. It’s used on websites, business cards, and other marketing materials.

  2. Monochrome logo: A monochrome version of the logo uses a single color or shades of the same color. This version is useful for applications like printing in black and white or when the full-color version would not work well.

  3. Reverse logo: A reverse logo is the inverse of the full-color version, where the background is the primary color and the logo’s elements are in white or another light color. This version is useful for applications like dark backgrounds or images where the full-color version wouldn’t stand out.

  4. Icon-only logo: This version of the logo only uses the graphic icon or symbol without the brand name or text. It can be useful for social media profile pictures or small-scale branding where the full logo would not fit.

  5. Animated logo: An animated logo is a version of the logo that is designed to move or change in some way. It can be useful for online marketing and video content, where it adds a dynamic element to the brand’s visual identity.

When creating branding variations for logos, it’s essential to ensure that they are consistent with the brand’s overall visual identity and messaging. Consistency in branding helps to create brand recognition and reinforce the brand’s values and message.

Here is another example

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