Design Trends

@trondez_design we like to keep ahead of the game where possible. I am constantly researching the latest in design styles and trends. Knowing where the digital world and design is heading gives us the best ability to produce websites and designs that not only have maximum UI but UX, which is a massive pull for business.trondez graphic design is just one …

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pixeltastic crisp image

Adobe image resolution

Some great news to come from Adobe about image resolution.. So many times I have been given images that are in such low resolution that printing has ment a complete redigitization on the image at best. This is fine with line artwork to complete it as a vector, but for a photo this has always been an issue. Well Adobe has brought …

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Under Compression – Images Sized for Speed

Here’s a quick tip … compress your images and call them by a name that makes sense… gshstv.jpg is not going to help you..product_use_position.jpg will.. Compress using and keep under 2000pixels wide as screen sizes on most computers will be max 1920 across.. Here is a couple of examples of the same image with the same settings.. The above image is name …

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Design Tip – Colours

My final tip for this now…. Colour me pretty… Contrasting colours work so well but you may get a little out of your depth so this great colour chart by adobe is a easy tool to help you make the right decisions when it comes to colour. You can see I have used my business colour to find the contrast colours…

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Design Tips – Flow

If you have a design style for multiple campaigns it makes more sense to your viewers…..Keep the same format across the elements so you keep the flow of information… just swap out the text or add small elements to enhance your message each time…Layers of information slowly trickled out keeps your viewer engaged. @trondez_design

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Design Tip – Space

White space, also known as negative space, is the empty space around or between elements in a design. It can be any color, not just white, but is typically left blank to create contrast and emphasis on the elements that are present. White space is a crucial element of design as it helps to create balance, harmony, and clarity in …

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Design Tips – Fonts

Whats the difference between fonts….. San Serif, Serif, Script… This will help you with your choices.. Serif: Serif typefaces are those in which a small line is attached at the end of the stroke in a letter or symbol. Sans-Serif: Sans serif typefaces are those that do not contain serifs at the end of strokes. Hence the term “sans-serif.” Scripts: …

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Design Tips – Fonts – too many

Its all about the font… . . When designing anything try not to have too many fonts…. limit to 2 but use those fonts creatively by using bold and thin… the same font can look so different with just this method.. . . Also use one font for a header and the other for the body text and you can …

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Design Tips – Rules

Its been a while… but here goes for some design tips. Follow over the next 2 months for some handy tips. You don’t have to be a designer to follow these rules which will help you create some nice graphics for your blogs or social media.. Start with a great colour palette some thing that stands out as your key …

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