Contracts are GOLD!

I have noticed that quite a few businesses that come to me have had a bad experience before I came into their lives… mostly due to mis communication, goals not achieved or just bad design…
This is for both sides of the fence, whether you are a business looking to hire a creative or a creative pitching….
Yes its time consuming, yes you are both bound by it… but isn’t that the point!
  • Business Owner – put in the brief what you want, via email something tangible…
  • Creative – write a proposal, quote outlining everything you are giving and your terms.
  • Business Owner, read them, check them, liaise with the creative.
Keep everything written even if its notes / emails after a verbal meeting..
This will save so many headaches, when things don’t work, both parties are protected.
Sometimes these things happen its not that the creative is bad (well not always), the connection just hasn’t been made…. and it isn’t the business owner doesn’t know what they want … guide them.. YOUR’E THE PROFESSIONAL.
If a business transaction if being done without a contract personally I would say WALK AWAY… its not good business practice and it could end in tears….
Have a lovely day and paper trail!!!

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