Dont buy your domain for $$$$$


Companies that call you and offer you a domain name are often people illegally poaching.

What happens? So you get a call from someone offering a domain name at an inflated price $600 for example.

Its close to what you do for a business say you decide you want it. Don’t pay $600, they have obtained the domain illegally or haven’t bought it at all and intend to once you agree to the inflated price, domains are around $25 for 2 years.

If they have purchased without rights you can go to the auda and make a complaint asking for the rights to the domain name, but you have got to prove that the said domain name has links with your business (ie bobelectricals)

All domain names must be linked to the ABN and company of purchase. If you are concerned or get any calls or mail saying re registration is $200 DO NOT PAY. heres a link to assist you with a complaint.…/our-s…/submit-a-domain-complaint-/

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