Ok so I promised a quick run down of “the cloud” yes every tech uses this buzz word nowadays but many people dont know what it is an also dont know if they need it.

So here we go my explanation, the cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet. This can give you access to files or even your website from any part of the world on any device.
Drop box, google drive or one drive are the most popular, access you photos anywhere in the world.

Dedicated web hosting v cloud web hosting = I build your websites on a dedicated server but then I link it up to an range of servers through the cloud allowing fast access speed to your website whereever you are in the world.
Its a reliable source and if one server fails or goes offline you have the resources from others in your network.

Please note this is only a small breakdown, if you have a international site or a shop it may be worth checking youre on the cloud.

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