Funnel me sales!

I often get asked about funnels, what are they?

So here goes this is the simple explanation…. A funnel is a set of steps to get your visitor to do something specific. Usually its a sales tool and consists of a landing page (where you collect your visitors data through a sign up box) the next page would be your one singular product you want to push, so your SALES page, the next you’ll collect your money, and the final 2 can be a UPSELL, or the delivery of the product.
A Funnel can be used with your website, and can be built as well as your website…
So whats the difference between the website and the funnel, as you can see from above the funnel takes you on a fast paced mission, a website however takes you on a journey giving you all the other information from the about us, testimonials, more in depth information, this can mean your visitor gets lost in the journey…
Personally I like to think both work hand in hand.
I hope this helps you decide if you want a Funnel next time you want to sell something specific.

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