Good to Talk

This is really important to me…

When i get a brief I really try and listen to what a client wants to achieve and try to supply a solution that i feel is the best. According to budgets clients choose what they can and can’t afford. So I changed the way I work slightly by allowing clients to pay over time giving them more scope (this means i do have to take on several projects at once to keep my cash flow up but that’s another topic). So at one time i may have 5 projects on the go… and they are all important.

I always keep communicating and giving flexible options so that projects can grow. I will always try and achieve goals set out but sometimes software will just not allow things to happen either by conflicting code or its just not be thought of as yet… Sometimes this doesn’t become apparent until a project is on the go, as I cannot test something that’s not built (and im human too). This is where talking comes into effect..

.. I will always communicate if something is impossible at present, it may not be a few weeks down the line as technology changes, but this is one thing i do ….
I DO MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RESEARCH AND TESTING… I try and solve all problems within a build. If you have a problem LET ME KNOW… I will try and get it resolved…. Please don’t jump to conclusions that I have not done my best for you, please don’t communicate your upset in a group or set out false comments… LET ME TRY TO FIX IT…
Small business is hard enough without putting in extra hours for people, to be then told you are not doing enough… or worse still confronted aggressively

Now I want to make this clear… this post is because in 30 years I have had the odd person (2-4) that got upset they didnt get exactly what they expected. It may have been communicated and mis understood, it may have been too far advanced for the tech to not conflict. Anyone that is a client at present or past knows the lengths I go to to keep people happy and as a self employed person i do give up weekends and sleeping to help out… but even i can cock up occasionally (emphasis on occasionally)

Customers are important to me and I love positive feedback when I have fixed a issue, so please tell me if Ive done good as well.

SO please remember ITS GOOD TO TALK… call me i like talking!

ps. If it doesnt work first time give it 5 mins, check it slowly, make sure you’ve read instructions… then call me… Ill be happy to help 🙂

PPS: I do charge for fixes that are general maintenance.

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