Its really not a dirty word… All websites need to be maintained. If you spend money on a website at least once a month you should be looking at the admin area and seeing what should be updated, saved etc.

There are 3 Steps.

  1. BACKUP your website, this can be done through the Cpanel (or notify me that you are doing maintenance and I will download your backup) The server I use has a daily backup system so if you forget this step I can rollback for you.
  2. Update your plugins 1 by 1 checking the frontend of your sites functions and logging in and out of admin to check its still accessible. (yes this takes time but it worth it)
  3. If a plugin update conflicts with your site ROLLBACK the plugin (there is a free plugin called ROLLBACK available on WordPress via the Plugin section)

If these steps are taken you should be ok, try to note down when you do changes as some websites dont show errors straight away.

NOTIFY – trondez if your site goes down. I can probably fix within 1 hour.

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