Register your domain name…

Domain names need to reflect the business, easy to remember so once you have a business name and have checked that the domain is available (see previous post) then what next…
I suggest that you keep your domain names all together, and if possible keep them with the hosting provider you use.
Buy your domains for the future… ie get but also invest in .com 
Trondez can supply your domains and set them up for you with any hosting package or stand alone.
Being a seller also means we can set up your email and give you extra tech support if you don’t want to deal with setups yourself.
Depending on your needs a good developer like myself can guide you through the tech side of what your hosting should be with what your website is needing to do, ie size, speed, emails etc.
Trondez has there own server systems (hosted in Australia) and also uses VentraIP and Panthur in Australia or HeartInternet in Europe.

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