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As soon as you become a customer/client with trondez we will support you in various ways. Most inquiries are answered within 24 hours through a following method.

Online Consulting

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Some functions however we may describe them in email or manual will need a little online help. 

We can take over your computer and setup things for you while you watch, or while you have a break.

Website User Manuals

With some of our more complex websites we put together manuals on how to use the administration area in order to keep your website up to date.

This also gives you something to reference when we may not be online.

Business Consulting

Need help on where to start with your business plan? Want to know what functions in a website would benefit you.

With our years of assisting Business Start ups we can help from ABN, Domain Registration to Marketing and SEO.

It Management

Technical support ranges from email support, setup etc, signature templates. Website support, including previously set up by another developer, a run through on how to use them successfully or monthly updates by us. Issues with your printer/scanner and network setups.

Email Support

We are always available via email or messenger/skype.

Usually answering emails within 24 hours, during working hours this is within 1-2 hours. Public holidays we will also be available for emergencies.

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Web Management

Your website is like a garden, you can plant it, landscape it and make it look beautiful but without watering it WILL die.

Your website needs to be maintained in that same way and for that we deliver a monthly update package for all your software. Resubmits to Google and backups.

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Tips and Tricks

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