Think like a child

Think Like a Child – Creativity Graphic Design

Creativity was so much fun when I was young… I only had to please myself, but it also taught me to trust my instincts.

It’s no surprise that research shows we’re most creative when we’re children – I wonder if this is down to time, (no bills to pay) a great use of the imagination, to be as silly as you want, no barriers or limitations.

I think maybe it’s because children are encouraged to say whatever they’re really thinking, and feel free to ask questions whenever they’re confused. Their teachers and parents don’t make them feel stupid, and they can make mistakes without repercussions or shame.

In business pretending to know everything is unhelpful and exhausting – listening to a client about their vision and asking questions is a key to all design work, whether a new brand or a website revamp. But in turn listening to the designer is important.

Asking questions and making sure you are all on the same page is key.

Sometimes throwing a crazy logo design idea in the mix or thinking outside the box with website marketing should not be scary. Its ok if the client doesn’t like the idea.

At Trondez, I encourage experiments in design, the team research and pull ideas from everywhere.

You will often see me get excited as the design idea or website possibilities come into my head… I still have my child like moments of wanting to burst that idea out into the world like a new baby…

Graphic design and website development is a journey, and at Trondez we take that journey with you.

Let us design something amazing for you and your business, let us tap into our creativity and do something new for you.

Happy Designing Joy

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