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Website Design UI and UX

Here’s an interesting thought…

50% of all consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand

Here is why we agree….

When someone visits your website, the design of it, layout, functionality, branding is how they view your business. They create and opinion of your business within the first few seconds of landing on your page.

  • Does this business look trustworthy?
  • Does this business look professional?


The design creates an impact, and that needs to be a good one…. Colours trigger emotions and most visitors view you site on an emotional basis.

Then they make decisions based on your content…

  • Can this business deliver?
  • Do I like what they are selling?
  • Can I get all the information I need to take the next step?


How a website is laid out is so important to a business, getting that initial engagement is half the battle. Your brand and content design makes the visitor want to return. People are more likely to buy what your selling on a beautifully designed website.

A designer will guide you through this process and will help you get those all important “calls to action”. They will brand your website for sales and optimise you UI (User Interaction) and UX (User Experience…

Here is a question….

If you find out about a business and then discover they have no web presence, would that put you off using them?


If you visit a website and it has an outdated design (poorly laid out with bad functionality) would you engage with that business?

What does design mean to you?

Have you a website that is due for a makeover. Maybe you have just updated your brand and would like your website given an update to match the new look and enhance brand awareness.

Whatever transition your business is going through we will be happy to access your present web precense and assist you in making some changes.

If you would like to discuss your project then please contact us.

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