Website Design – What do I need?

I want a website but have no idea where to start…

If you want the capacity to sell your products or services online then you will want to invest in a website with an ecommerce platform. If you simply want a website to inform your customers where you are based and what products or services you supply then a simple website or blog might be the right fit.

Understanding how to buy and sell online is an important first step when creating a website. With ecommerce you are able to accept payment for your products and/or services online.

You may want this type of website to supplement your physical-offline-shop, or as your sole point of sale.

A good blog should provide useful and engaging content for your customers, while helping to build a positive image for your business. Like a journal, a blog is usually updated regularly.

Most successful blogs consist of a regular flow of new and relevant posts to keep people coming back.

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