What is a CDN?

Whats the CDN?

So firstly CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. In lamens terms a CDN delivers the content of your website more quickly and efficiently to your visitors based on their location.

A Content Delivery Network is made up of a network of servers, we often refer to these sorts of hosting as Cloud based. They are all over the world and your content is delivered to them and then to your visitor from the closet “edge server” ensuring the best and fastest online experience.

How does the web know where I am?

A CDN works on your GeoIP which is like an address. Your IP tells the CDN where you are and then downloads the content to you from the nearest location.

Why is it important?

A CDN server has a content cache which refreshes all the time, increasing speed. When a request comes in, it’s the cache’s job to determine what the user is requesting, locate the data, and send it back to the user.

Some of the benefits CDNs can provide your website include:

  • Faster load times for web and mobile users
  • Quickly scalable during times of heavy traffic
  • Minimizes risk of traffic spikes at point of origin, ensuring site stability
  • Decreases infrastructure costs due to traffic offloading (less load on origin)
  • Better site performance

A big bonus is my CDN helps achieve Google Speed tests that are in the 99% on desktop, Google loves this so organically ranks you higher, meaning more traffic, which means more conversions.

This will just get you started but if you would like to invest in a Content Delivery Network for your website then please contact me.. JOY

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