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Secure Technology

Hosting is necessary for every website. Website hosting provides a location for your website on the internet. Where you host is very important for your websites speed, SEO and functionality. All businesses need web hosting and the prices for this can change due to setup, traffic, speed, protection and lots of other elements.

We work with reputable companies onshore in Australia and offshore in the UK, giving you the best website hosting services and solutions so that you can be assured that your website will have limited downtime.


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All our hosting packages come with a shared SSL certificate to ensure you meet the security standards set out by regulators and can be seen by Google. Shared SSL certificates are safe; the only thing you need to do is, a private key to be protected that corresponds to the public key in the certificate.
Stand alone Secure SSL Certificates can also be purchased separately for websites with more sensitive material being held online.

When you host with us we install, set up your service and provide email accounts. Brand consistency can also be improved by incorporating your own domain into your email address, making it look more professional.

Our hosting packages are also set up to backup your website every 24 hours keeping a month worth of backups ready for any emergency that may occur.

If you host with another company and wish to move we can carry this out for you with our migration service.

We also hosting sites in the Cloud via our specialised CDN service which for an extra fee a month can guarantee you lightening speeds as tested via Google PageSpeed.

Reliable Website Hosting

Some web hosting services are more reliable than others due to additional features and services.

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