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Need a functional website?

We specialize in custom web development services. We design websites for all budgets and any size of company or small business venture. We can help whether a redesign or with a new project.

At trondez we specialise in designing high quality web pages that work hard to sell your company – its products, services and message – without being hard work for the user.

Where do you begin for new websites?

First we need to establish what sort of website you’re looking for web development and identify your target audience. We will then guide you through every step of the website production process, from designing a schematic to advising you on the content. We will help with the project management.

Usability is key to a website’s success, so we will use the most appropriate techniques to allow users to get the most from your website.

Designing on the right platform is also key, whether WordPress or Bespoke we will guide you.

Do you have a website that is not working for you?

Either you are not getting the traffic you were expecting as the pages are not designed for search engine ranking, or the general look and feel of the site needs updating but the content is relatively ok.

We offer a updating service taking all elements of your site and giving you a proposal based on the positives and negatives of the site and how we can help you achieve your goals.

If we get this right, we should deliver you a website that starts to achieve those elusive sales and conversions.

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Content Managed Websites

We use WordPress and Joomla to develop your website based on your needs. We will design your theme around your branding making it not only good to look at but user friendly.

We are able to complete lots of functionalities including video streaming and forms integrated to many CRM platforms.

All website content can be updated in-house by you without the need for any specialist knowledge or additional software. We do provide training but are also happy to make changes for you.

WordPress and Joomla will need maintenance in order to keep your website secure and also remain technically sound for google ranking

We do offer a helpful Maintenance Package. All websites come speed tested and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


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Ecommerce Websites

Have a product that you want to sell, then we have some great solutions. For combination websites we recommend WordPress with a WooCommerce extension. That way you can sell services and products at the same time. We also support and create Shopify websites web development.

It not just about product selling, services such as subscription for video streaming, multi functional ticketing systems can also be created.

We can integrate your accounting system, payment portals, stock management and pixel traction for facebook.

Websites developed by trondez are





Bespoke Websites

Whether its a website that needs to be integrated as a mobile application (we build apps) or your site needs multiple functions such as a shop, booking system, rentals and CRM all in one, we can code it.

Private portals using multi function forms and uploads are also popular as bespoke projects.

Our bespoke websites are built from code using only the elements and functionality you need – that way the speed of the site is at its optimum.

Bespoke sites do take longer to design and build but do not limit how much you can do with them when it comes to multi functions.

The administration side of your site is laid out for clients with usability, content updates and growth in mind. Tutorials are given on use for web development.


What to see some of our projects?

Call us about site migration - across platforms.

Project Management

We are here to make life easier for you. We keep our costs within your budget, no nasty surprises.

You have a idea, you want to start a business but you need someone to lead you in the right direction when it comes down to your corporate identity, marketing material and web presence.

We sit down with you and listen to your business brief then advise you in a constructive way what you will need to take that first step.

Project Planning

Outlining your options at the beginning of the planning stage means you can select what you really need and what’s within your budget. We will then let you know what we need from you in order to complete the project.  You can then sit back and let us come up with your corporate id and design inspirations.  We are happy to work with little or as much input as you wish, so that you can concentrate on your business.

Project management will assist you in setting targets for your business and keeping you up to date with new trends in your field of business.

What can we do for you?

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Your website is now built, but to keep it on track and functioning 100% you need to keep it maintained.




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