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MamaLinc - Logo Brand Suite, Website, Mobile App

We have been working with Mamalinc for 4 years now and in that time have completed multiple projects.

First project as a start up business was the design and illustration of a logo. This subtle branding includes a handwritten text by the business owner for that personal touch.

A launch of the first stage website was completed in 2020. It combines a cart system and calls to action in an informative user friendly manner. The design was to complete the bookings of Courtney the owner of mamalinc as a baby consultant for all things a New Mum would need advice on.

The business has expanded over the years and after the intitial creation of socials and templates made, Mamalinc has now over 1K in followers.  trondez completed graphic design work with print artwork for PDFs.

Undergoing production at present is a mobile app for mothers to use on the go. The website is also currently going into its next stage of evolution combining the shop system with the android and apple mobile apps under construction.

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