To keep up with the competition, especially in the more lucrative niches…

To keep up with the competition, especially in the more lucrative niches, SEO needs to be considered an ongoing effort with planned, periodic spurts of increased activity scheduled ahead of time.

Links are fundamental to the internet as we know it. Without links, most search engines would not be able to find and crawl new content. For Google, backlinks also represent a ranking signal. However, contrary to popular perception, backlinks may harm website rankings you need to know good ones from bad.

Keywords are really not important anymore, The times of counting keywords on pages and attempting to identify a fleeting ideal ratio are a thing of the past. Content, which can be represented by data as much as by written words, is important for the context of the website.

For the overwhelming majority of websites, freshness is not important as an SEO factor and no amount of changing publishing dates on old articles is going to convince Google it’s fresh content.

Brand websites that aspire to become leaders in their area with a social media strategy have a tangible advantage when competing with other websites for user attention in Google SERPs. In short, social media helps to boost brand recognition and CTR, which matters for SEO.

SEO is data-driven. Frequently the amounts of data required to address an issue can be immense. This is why monthly or weekly updates are very important.

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