Do you know what file types are?

When you are asking for a file type or receiving one from a designer make sure you know what your getting and the file you receive is editable if need be.

  • GIF – Low resolution for web with limited colours and un-editable
  • Jpeg – Can be low resolution and compressed for web or saved at 300dpi at a set size for print but cannot have its size changed or edited.
  • PNG – this can have a transparent background and is also used for web, but keeps good quality, these file can be edited.
  • EPS – this if saved correctly is a high resolution file for print, it is editable. And as long as the content is vector can be scaled without loss of quality.
  • AI – This is a illustrator file and vector based if used correctly, it is used for print and is scale-able and editable.
  • PDF – can be opened with Adobe and used for print if saved at 300dpi or compressed can be easily shared over the web. PDFs are editable if opened with Acrobat or Illustrator.
  • TIFF – can be edited can be very large, preserve quality, but not recommended for web.

Hope this helps ? Have a happy Sunday!

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