Starting a SME

I know you have all been waiting for this…… Part 2 of my guide to starting a new business and your marketing material….

6. Get your designer/web developer to come up with some themes for your website, keep in mind that your brand needs to be visible. Try to keep to the same fonts and a complimentary template/theme is you have a colourful logo.

7. Once these has been completed put together your social media with the same themes, get the page also reflecting your brand, Facebook and Instagram are very important as they compliment each other.

8. Set up your google account (if you havent already got one) you will need this for the all important APIs that most websites need to track your visitors. Also Google ranks you better if you have a business listing with testimonials.

9. Build the site and integrate all the aforementioned socials and google APIs. Get keyword rich content, the front page of your site is very important so concentrate on funneling. Hire a great scriptwriter (I know one if you need assistance) they can really boost the website if you dont have a clue how to market yourself. Most importantly people like to connect.

10. Build in your call to action elements and market market market! Get on forums, do newsletters to your subscribers. Get your conversions.

11. MAINTAIN YOUR SITE… just because its built dont forget about it. Its like a car and needs servicing to get the best drive!

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