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Copyright Laws – Get it right!

When using an image on social media crediting that image is not enough, you have to seek permission (contact the owner).

In some cases where you have found a image may also be taken from another source so do your due diligence carefully. The Australian Copyright Council has lost a of useful info:
In my opinion the best course of action is just to create your own images or use a service that waives copyright such as unsplash.

In short there are two sections to copyright – Moral Rights, which amongst other things states, that you must credit or are breaking the law.

The other is Exclusive or Economic Rights, these laws mean you MUST ask permission and pay a fee if required if using the work of a copyright owner – which includes the obvious photos and other artworks, music & lyrics, film, written material but also some more obscure items.

Even if you see others do it it can get you into hot water. I also suggest if you do create your own artwork you watermark them or brand them to prevent the use of your material on others websites etc.
I hope this assists you all in some way 🙂 Happy Creating

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