YouTube channels and copyright.

Did you know that YouTube as of today can now warn creators and posters about copyright issues.
For those of you that have You Tube channels or are thinking about it as a way to make money then this is going to make the process of uploading video that complies with Google guidelines priceless.
YouTube is rolling out a new tool called “Checks” that tells you before you have posted live whether your content contains copyrighted material. YouTube is completing these changes to cut down some of the yellow icons creators may see besides their content.
What are these yellow icons?
These are placed to show you of potential ad revenue that is being withheld due to copyright or guideline problems.
If YouTube copyright identification system does find a violation what happens…
well it can either result in a video being blocked or the money that could have been made being held.
If you video content does flag copyright content but you believe it is incorrect you can dispute before its published which can take a few days to resolve.
Personally I think this is a great feature and can save you unknowingly putting something online you shouldn’t and then getting sued.

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