Are you secure? Web Security SSL

Its been a while since I have posted a tip…. were you guys waiting?
I just thought I would mention about getting your website changed over from a HTTP to HTTPS.
Most clients have completed this task by now and have made sure that there hosting package has either a stand alone SSL Certificate or a shared one. This gives you the little padlock on the browser url field.
If you haven’t then I suggest you do asap as you will be preventing your website from getting ranking from the likes of google. HTTPS works by using encryption technologies like SSL, or TLS (Transport Layer Security). Thus, by implementing WordPress SSL (HTTPS) to your website, your users’ information becomes more secured and less likely to be breached.
WordPress sites need a extra function completed so I suggest you install a plugin called ReallySimpleSSL and activate in your website, this will change all your URLs over to HTTPS, but check that internal links to images etc or links externally also have the HTTPS.
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