Bespoke v Off the shelf

BE THE BEST – BESPOKE – Full stack coding in Java, PHP, JSSCript, MYSQL, HTML –

The great thing with bespoke is its flexibility, because everything is coded from the ground up functionality can be exactly what you want as you don’t have to worry about conflicts in coding.

If you have a website that needs multiple functionality it is the way to go ie – shop, booking, POS, rental, tracking all in one. The downside of bespoke is it takes a little longer and is a little more expensive due to the time and there are not so many of us programmers out there. The benefits are there is less ongoing maintenance except for SEO. Adding new elements is easy. And the best thing of all is speed… google loves bespoke, as sites dont have to trawl through multiple plugins… as long as you remember to keep your images compressed you site should be in the high 80s-90s…

Off the Shelf – Its quick, plugins are made by developers for you, most developers can take over any wordperss site. Just in case you didnt read the post on the 15th Jan

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