Speed Demons Use a CDN for speed

Its all about SPEED! Yes I’m addressing that old thing…

So here are some FACTS….as a lot of people dont know the truth…

1. Hosting – Choosing the right hosting package with the right setup assists in the speed of your site. If you have a small site but lots of traffic you still need to have bandwidth. If you have a large resource and function filled site you could need large memory CPU to run functions and high bandwidth for traffic. Storage of products and videos needs mem size 20gb is good. But with hosting until a site is built and running you cannot know for sure unless you get the biggest and fastest from the outset which means high costs. That’s why at Trondez we always say we will monitor your site to track its needs so you are not spending money you dont need to..

2. CDN (this is also hosting) – A content delivery network or content distribution network is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end users. This is costly and for a eCommerce site which is usually a resource high website you would be paying at least $200 a month… In my experience you cannot get more that 9.5s -16.5s Speed depending on network without a CDN, especially if your website has high content and resource use as in ecommerce. The reason being is your resources, images are only called on if the page is actually needed when using a CDN. The CDN also downloads the resources from your nearest network. Without a CDN the speed tests everyone uses including google are not 100% accurate, as everyone’s network is different. They can only be used as a guide. If your expecting 1.2seconds then without a CDN your site must be HTML and have little content (def not a ecom site).

Please note Shopify is a CDN based subscription site so has it built in hence the higher rental costs of space.

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