DIY Websites

Do It Yourself….
Websites, everyone can build one nowadays, with the likes of WIX, GoDaddy, Squarespace and others lets face it who needs me.

These are great tools if you are not serious about your business. Why do I say that?, well these systems have their limitations. Yep they are easy to use, templates are there, drag and drop features, hosting, shop interfaces. The problem you dont know about is your website is not yours. What do I mean?

Well these free sites hold your website, your database your clients. You have access but its limited to the platform. As soon as you want access you have to pay.

Lets go with WIX its held on the wix server with 100000000’s of other sites, all using the same templates, same IP, sometimes not even a domain name, as even then you have to pay to point your domain name to the system. A free WIX site has the domain This just says your not serious, cheap and dont believe in yourself. It doesnt take a much to add your domain so if you do this path at least take that bit seriously. Did you know once you have chosen a theme with WIX you are stuck with it, if you change your data goes as well. With wordpress you can change multiple themes without losing data.

The ultimate goal of a website is to convert users into leads, and that can be achieved in many ways. Expert website designers will identify know these goals and optimise the website design to achieve thesm, whereas Wix is a set design that does not cater to the individual and cannot be altered.

The main thing to consider for Wix sites in terms of SEO is that your site is hosted in the U.S. This is definitely harmful for Australian sites, or businesses whose operations are conducted outside the U.S. as search engines take the location of the site hosting into account. Sites hosted in Australia are ranked higher for people who are searching within Australia than those hosted in other countries as Google tries to look for local businesses for the user.

I could carry on forever with the reasons a “do it Yourself” approach is not good for business but heres the thing, you wouldnt take your car serviced by a person whod just watched you tube, if you want your business to go the distance invest in a web developer that understands the business model and has trained for years to provide websites that dont break down.

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