SEO – Organic tips

Its been a while since I posted, this is due to the Christmas rush of work. In the meantime I thought Id put together some little hints on how to achieve good SEO on your website.

  • User Friendliness – often called UX
  • High Quality Content – dont be complacent
  • ON – PAGE SEO – this is within your content and on your images
  • Effective Keywords – This takes research, not everything you think will work will work.
  • Useful Backlinks
  • Security – Google loves a secure site
  • Crawlability – get the bots crawling around your site to show off your content, internal links help
  • Load Speed – Choose your themes carefully and builders or use a CDN
  • User Engagement – CTA and UI
  • Site Authority – believe in what you are saying
  • Mobile Friendly – Responsiveness is so important so make sure your site is friendly to at least the main makes and models of devices.

Of course there is alot more to it than that….

And this is just some of the organic measures that you can take to help boost your websites traction. We have plenty of packages to help you get seen, from start off SEO tips, so that your site has been built correctly we can do a check on your site and give you a report of improvements, through to full Google Ads and marketing campaigns.

If you would like to discuss your project then please contact us.