Communication is key

Communication – what platform do you use??

Interesting thought of the day.
How does your business answer messages?
There are so many platforms…
Instagram Facebook Snapchat email phone calls!
Do you find it hard to keep up with them all?
When do you get time off as a small business. When do you not answer?
It’s a thought that crosses my mind often, when do you say give me five?
It’s not bad business to look after yourself and you shouldn’t be on high alert for customers as if they truly believe in you or your product they will wait.
Don’t be afraid to not answer right away..
Real customers value their business and themselves, so should you .
Patience is a virtue as my mum would say.. I go with my mum!
Treat your business partner as you would be treated.
As from October we are going through a little change here at trondez to make it easier for clients to follow the growth of their project.
All work requested by clients will go through an email confirmation system, this is so that jobs and requests dont get lost in the many forms of communication available now… so if you request something by text, messenger, facebook, skype, instagram, whatsApp or phone, please be sure to follow up with an EMAIL otherwise your work may not get seen by all of the team.
We will confirm the request and quote if necessary, we will book in a time slot for the work or call you to discuss.

If you would like to discuss your project then please contact us.