The Homer of websites!!!

For those people that still don’t know the facts about websites and how they operate, especially what makes a website work, load fast, to engage, here’s some FACTS… don’t end up with THE HOMER..
IMAGES – big images slow down websites FACT if after I have built a site you put up large files then YOU will be slowing your site down..
FUNCTIONS – JScript and functions can slow a site if you have a website that has to do literally every function known to man… If you change function or update plugins these need to be checked. JScript that run constantly on a site will slow it down. ie popup sales boxes, communication with accounts software
PLUGINS on a wordpress website are NOT the only thing that makes a website slow… so whether you have 10 – 100 dosen’t matter it will be which ones that are ACTIVE that matter, or compatible some free plugins may save you money but can conflict with other plugins
Do you really need the functions? (see HOMER website reference)
PHP – The correct and latest version can speed up your site as it will have all the latest security. But update this carefully as it can conflict with some themes.
SERVER – Speed comes at a cost the faster your server the faster the site… So make sure the speed of your server is correct, this will always have to be managed as dependent on your traffic you may or may not need to upgrade as your site launches. (ps I dont have a crystal ball so I monitor over a period of time). Shared servers V dedicated servers can be quite a cost difference.
VIDEOs – can slow sites.. unless streaming from other sources.
Finally dont believe just one speed test.. try several, Google Speed Test is well and good but its set up for google…
(score of 10 today LOL mobile 52 Desktop)
Unless your site has no content is built as a plain HTML and you have thrown$$s at it with a dedicated 24 hour team as believe me you’d need it, as updates are constant then you will never ever get 100% on that pretty little dial you want to see….
The success of a site is not just on speed its on content, marketing , seo so never put your eggs in one basket.

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